Avengers age of ultron review 

 For someone who was counting the days down literally to watch this film , I kind of have mixed feelings on it . Though I don’t feel age of ultron captured the magic that the first film gave you , I feel that it was still a pretty good movie . Great visuals , action packed fight scenes , perfect comedic timing and a star-studded cast . What else could you want in highly anticipated sequel ?? 

 To be honest I don’t know maybe the first avengers was just something that can never be recreated. I felt like a kid in a candy store , seeing all the avengers together for the first time on the big screen , that moment was kind of surreal . It was hard to believe but you were witnessing it first hand so like I said earlier it was a magical experience . 

Now to age of ultron , the avengers start off trying to retrieve Loki’s staff that was seen on the previous avengers movie. As expected u see the avengers mowing threw foot soldiers  displaying impressive tag team moves and cracking jokes with each other during the opening fight scene . One of the good things about the sequel is the story caters to Hawkeye/Black widow / And the hulk . Those characters finally get to show some depth. At times the movie is all over the place there are so many subplots going on because there are so many characters and some scenes seem pointless because the movie never really builds on some of the subplots they touched on . 

I don’t wanna give away any spoilers to the movie so overall I give this movie a B+ rating. There is enough action scenes and some lighthearted comedy to keep a marvel fan entertained . The introduction to some new characters and the obvious build up to the next marvel movie was enough to make this movie pretty good and interesting . I can’t wait to see what the next move more the marvel universe ………signing off twistermania 


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