Marvels Daredevil series …

I want to start off by saying since May 4, 2012 the release of “The Avengers ” I have been chasing everything marvel. ¬†From the iron man, captain America , Thor and even spinoffs like ” agents of shield” the TV series . I love how the marvel universe throws subtle pieces into all these stories that connects and paints the picture that the marvel universe is a living breathing world . And there are consequences that effects people’s lives on a smaller scale . That’s where Matt Murdock ( daredevil) falls in . I am immediately sucked into the story because it gives you the underdog feeling , the protagonist isn’t some playboy billionaire or a mythological God from another world he is pretty much an middle class relatable person who works a 9 to 5 . Charlie cox does an amazing job playing Matt Murdock . Before this series I looked at daredevil as some b list super hero with no real appealing story . I don’t wanna give any plot points away so all I’m going to say is I highly recommend this show if your into compelling and layered stories .

Signing off….. Twistermania